School Choice & Tuition Assistance

Learn more about tuition assistance and financial aid programs available at St. John's Lutheran School.

St. John's participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) and the Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP). We are grateful to offer the opportunity for families who qualify to receive a voucher from the State of Wisconsin to pay for their children's tuition.

Application Requirements

New WPCP Students

Students new to the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program must provide proof of income and residency documentation.

Continuing WPCP Students

Continuing students only need to provide proof of residency documentation.

SNSP Students

New and continuing SNSP students need to provide proof of residency documentation, and cooperate with the school and public school district to provide documentation of the special needs of the student.

Enrollment Dates

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

Open enrollment for WPCP is February 3-April 16.

Special Needs Scholarship Program

Open enrollment for SNSP begins in July.

All required supporting documentation must be received by St. John's during the open enrollment periods.

More Information

WI DPI Website

More information about how to apply to Wisconsin's Private School Choice programs.

Income Limits

Vouchers are available to families who meet certain income eligibility requirements.

Education Options & Annual Report Card

SJLS Report Card 22-23

By Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction regulation, SJLS must provide access to the Choice Students School Report Card and educational options to its constituents. Please note that SJLS’s report card is not a complete picture of our school because only a portion of our students, those in the Choice program, are represented.